Thursday, 30 January 2014

Skin Bliss Indeed!

First of all I promise this will be my last Elemis chat for a while ..... In case you hasn't guessed I'm going through an Elemis phase at the moment. This little phase is mainly thanks to birthday and Christmas presents of lovely Elemis gift sets.

I don't think I've talked about skin bliss capsules yet... I have been talking about them so much in the real world (!) that I find it hard to tell! 

For those of you who haven't tried them yet, you get two sets of capsules in the tub one for day and one for night. It looks like you are supposed to use these as a course but I use them as and when my skin needs them. 

I really love the daytime ones & tend to use them up quicker. You only get a tiny bit in each one but if you rub it through your hands first it's plenty for the face. It even goes under make up well. I do try to match the day and night ones when I use them but to be honest I often forget ...I'm not very good in the evening, I just want to go to my bed!!!! 

It feels a bit oily but when my skin is dry that's ok with me. I wouldn't want to use it all the time they feel like a little luxury and that's exactly how I use them. I will be gutted when I finish these, not sure I could justify more .....unless they are a good deal! 


Jan Hair Basics

I don't often have strong opinions on my shampoo and conditioner and I'm quite relaxed about my hair routine normally. I think that's mostly because my hair is straight, straight, straight and 0% volume regardless of what I do..... ANYWAY, after trying out some Liz Earl shampoo and conditioner which was lovely but a tad too expensive for day to day, I sat up and paid more attention to my hair routine.

I have always liked the Aussie shampoo and conditioner (which I always pick up in Boots) and I have been re-converted. They do exactly what they say on the tin and I think they leave my hair feeling great. I'm also a fan of their leave in conditioners, not the best that I've ever used but do a good job for a averaged price product. I never feel like I'm filling my hair with rubbish.

I also tried out V05, I'm not sure if I've missed the point on this one but I really didn't love it. Perhaps it was a mental block after using Liz Earl but I felt like I was putting cheap nasties through my hair which felt weighed down after.

At the moment I will be using Aussie products although I'm on the look out for all natural products. Any recommendations?


Saturday, 11 January 2014

New 'Face' Brush

I have been looking out for a new make up brush recently, mostly for my mineral foundation. For about 10 years I've had my set of Bobbi Brown brushes which are still in great condition and I LOVE them. Amazing when you think I use them nearly everyday! 

ANYWAY I thought it was a good bet to buy a Bobbi Brown brush that would work with my mineral foundation. After a bit of research I got this....

The Bobbi Brown Face Brush.

So far so good, this is much softer on my face than my previous two brushes.

Previously I had the bare minerals brush which I didn't rate at all, it shed lots of  bristles. Following that I had a Jane Iredale brush which was much better but after a short while I realised the bristles were a little tough on my skin. 
This brush is very thick with soft bristles and I love the way it distributed my make up. PLUS, its small enough to easily put in my make up bag with my travel brushes.  It  is a bit more expensive than other brushes on the market however if it even lasts half the time of my current brushes it will be a bargain!!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

December Faves

I have to say I love love love monthly favourite posts on other blogs so I'm trying to do it too. It's a also the posts that make me want to buy the most too!!! Here's My December Faves.....

Firstly my Mia brush! It is fab and makes all cleansers better, my skin has got better and better since I've been using this. It's amazing seeing all the make up coming off. When I don't use it I end up with so much make up on my face cloth. My skin freaked out recently & between this removing the nasties & my trusted SOS cream I was sorted ASAP!!! It is well and truly on my Favs list.

A long with my Liz Earl cleanser I have been using this Elemis Balm Cleanser. I maybe use this once or twice a week as a treat! I really like it, it has quite a thick luxurious consistency which in my opinion smells amazing. It came with a face cloth to use with it, which I do. One of the tips I picked up is to put the balm on and the warm cloth on top to allow it to sink in. It makes me feel like I'm having a lux facial even when I'm just in the shower. I love this so much that I've got my next tub ready!!!! Elemis seam to be putting this in a lot of their beauty sets at the moment, so look out for good deals, best ones I've had have been trusty QVC, the airport and I've seen a couple of sets on Feel Unique (not sure if they have the balm tho).

My Yankee Candle is my non beauty contribution, I think these give off a great smell. Since moving into our flat we have acquired around five new smells!!! This is my bathroom fav which as you can
probably see is nearly burnt out :-(

I have been using both the Frangipani shower cream and the Frangipani Oil (hiding behind my Mia brush in the pic!!). Both of these are travel size and I really like them! I can see why some people don't like the smell but for me I really like it. Again it reminds me of being at a spa.

As winters been taking its toll I've been keeping my skin fresh with a Clinique scrub, I've gift a full size verision of this in the cupboard!!

 Finally on a day to day basis I've been using the Elemis skin nourishing cream, it has lasted for ages and doesn't have a strong smell so great to pair with the above. I got this in a set which is a treat, not sure I would splash out for it on its own tho!