Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunday Lunch in Edinburgh

We recently headed down to Malmaison to try out the "Biggest sunday lunch in town".... this sounded like a challenge to me. Armed with our Living Social vouchers & stretchy trousers we headed down to Leith. 

Malmaison in Edinburgh is located on the shore & is a beautiful building overlooking the water. By some small miracle we actually arrived early, so we decided to grab a drink in the bar before lunch. I ordered a Bloody Mary, which I had been craving since leaving the gym 40 minutes earlier! It lived up to expectations, I really enjoyed it... although the celery was quickly removed. It's one salad item that I just can't get on board with.

Once we grabbed our table we got stuck into the unlimited hors d'oeuvres from the Chef's Table. I think we all had at least two trips up and feasted on bread, cured meat, pate, salad and salmon amongst other things. I think I could easily have filled up on the Chef's Table alone! However the biggest lunch was going to live up to it's name. 

For my Main I ordered the fish cake. As you can see they looked amazing, and they tasted just as good. We also ordered burgers and cod.. all the main courses were a huge success.

Finally as part of our deal we got a desert  - I ordered the sticky toffee pudding. Although I've got a very sweet tooth even I couldn't really fit this final course in. It was delicious but certainly not needed! An option of a lighter pudding would be nice... particularly as we're coming into spring.

We will defiantly be back to enjoy lunch again... next time we might not eat for the weekend before!!

Have you tried the Malmaison Sunday Lunch? 


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