Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn Update!

It's been a busy few weeks for me, although not all beauty I thought I'd give you a wee update of what I have been up to... all summarised as a pretty collage! I love these photo collages I use them all the time.

We moved house (which is the picture in the top right). Do you like our hall decoration? It's obviously only a tiny part of our house but I love the little flying birds and I love our heart shaped blackboard on our new grey walls. Makes me happy when I walk in the door!!

 So we've spent the last few weeks unpacking and getting settled in, it's starting to look like home. I have been loving  candels, they just make our flat seam like home so quickly.  Plus, feels cozy with the autumnal weather.  The Jo Malone English pear candle smells amazing and fills the house with the lush smell so quickly. Expensive but worth it ( thankfully ours was a present!!). We've also just been given an Earl Grey candle, I'm intrigued to smell it once I get it burning!! 

One  of my friends got married and I had the great job of being a bridesmaid... Aren't her flowers beautiful? We all had white roses which I thought was quite unusual and looked great against our emerald green dresses. Was a great day in a really beautiful location, great Scottish views over the countryside. 

On the beauty side of things I've had a  French manicure on my nails recently and really enjoying them, I always forget how nice it is and so worth the effort. It's very classic look but I have to say its so easy to wear and match too. Whenever I have a colour I seam to end up clashing with my outfit!!  Currently wearing pink with red nails....