Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Indian Summer

I've had a lovely last burst of sunshine this year, we headed off to Florida for some last sunshine before Christmas starts in ernist. It has been lovely AND I've been using all of my summery make up again. One thing that I always use when I'm on holiday is the Ultrasun lotions, they are FAB. With my Scottish skin it's so easy to get burnt so I slather them on, especially my face.... No wrinkles please!

They last all day so it makes it much easier not to get burnt and you don't have to carry them around with you.

I am LOVING the shimmer formula... Perhaps unsurprisingly! Who wouldn't want to be covered in glitter all day and sparkle on the sun lounger!!!! It might be a bit full on for some people as there's quite a lot if shimmer. It is also good for spotting which bits you've missed, which can be quite easy with the other formulas.

I got my last set off lotions on a QVC daily deal, I normally pick them up at the airport but the deal was much cheaper. I will be looking on QVC before my next holiday, they seam to have good sets on offer on the website.

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