Saturday, 22 February 2014

St Moriz vs St Tropez.... The good, bad and ugly!

As a Scottish girl with the typical Celtic colouring (read GREY skin tone) I have tried out a fair few fake tans in my time. 

I've done a full circle with St Tropez, they were the first tan I ever used, back when they only did the cream. After years of faithful use I went off St Tropez and tried out lots of others including Fake Bake, Sun etc. etc. etc.

 I haven't written off any of these tans, I like to keep my options open!!!............However, I have come back to St Tropez since I started using the mousse version. I know that it's been around for a long time but I'm sure that it's getting better! It is so easy to apply and I've found that I can use it during the day without looking like a crazy person.  

It goes on evenly and gives me a great colour. Using it with a Mitt I've never had any issues with application... which is saying something seeing as my boyfriend does my back & he's not exactly an expert! The downside? That's got to be the price. 

That's when I found St Moriz (mousse), at first I was VERY cautious about using this since it is SO cheap but I have to say. It does a great job for the fraction of the prices St Tropez. The application process is similar to St Tropez. It gives me even colour which doesn't go orange and it's just as easy to apply. It's currently on at the moment, developing away nicely - I find I can put a little on in the morning and it's not too obvious that it's developing WIN in my book. 

The downside? I find that this dry’s out my skin after a few applications.  I apply lots of moisturiser before I apply it to solve this little problem - although that's just good practice for all tans in my book!!  I'm also not convinced that the tan lasts for as long as St Tropez. Great for a night out though.

I am a fan of both of these and highly recommend using them, particularly using St Tropez as a base and St Moriz to top up personal favourite combo!  I have a fabby 'natural' tan my purse is happy and my skin doesn't dry out, what's not to love.


PS... If you are using these don't forget to mix with moisturiser for your face. It gives a much more natural colour. Happy Tanning!