Sunday, 1 June 2014

Skin perfection?

There's been a lot of blogs written about Micellar Water and they are the reason that I NEEDED to get my hands on some to try some for myself. The Boot's near me didn't have any (much to my distress!).  I was delighted when I popped into a Boots in London and found the L'Oreal version. You know that you're a beauty addict when you get this excited about cleanser!!   I've been using this for a couple of months now so I thought I would add in my tuppence worth....

The L'Oreal version wasn't the version that I was planning to buy, however I didn't have a lot of options so L'Oreal it was.  Plus it was less than £5 so I didn't feel guilty buying yet another cleanser. 

I don't have another water to compare to but I've been pretty impressed with this.  I've found this really handy to have in my cleansing armour I really like the natural feel of this and it's more soothing than my normal lazy day fall back on face wipes. The water is great as an addition to my normal cleansing routine  and I'm still on my first bottle, which is a bonus for my wallet too!

I did get lazy for a few days and only used this as a cleanser, for my skin this isn't good enough to keep my skin clear and I still found traces of make up even after 2-3 cleansing pads worth.... and I don't wear a lot of foundation! In that respect I don't think it lives up to "skin perfection".

 I will be keeping this in my routine as an addition to my cleansing routine to freshen up my skin/ sort me out on late nights and the perfect way to remove mascara!  I will be buying this again & I can't wait to try other versions. Have you tried this version, how does it compare?


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