Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hero Products

If anyone ever asks me what my absolute must have skin care products are, this is the answer:

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream & Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I have  the type of skin that seams to react around once per week to something or other. I swear sometimes it just does it for no reason. These are always my go to products to solve the problem!

Elemis SOS Cream has been a staple in my make up drawer for the last year or so. I started using it after  it was recommended for my break outs during an Elemis facial. It's not cheap but for me it's worth every penny. Plus, I normally buy it on QVC so you get a few mini testers along side the actual cream, makes it seam more affordable....

Although it was recommended for breakouts I think this covers a lot more than just that, it really soothes my skin. I use this every time my skin starts to freak out. Sometimes that means days on end when I just replace my normal moisturisers for this.   I can slather this on and know that my skin won't react to it leaving it nicely smoothed and moisturised.

The consistency is really balmy, which I wouldn't normally like but for some reason I like this. Maybe because it feels very luxurious & I can still put my make up over the top of it.  You only need a little bit, once its warmed up in your hands it goes quite a long way and it normally sorts out what ever mini drama my skin is having!

8 hour cream is also AMAZING. I use this for everything, really everything! dry skin, cuticles, lip balm, rashes, dry eyelids, eyelashes....

I know that my use of it is perhaps a little OTT but I LOVE it and it's sooo good for try patches of skin. I always keep a tube at work and at home. I've also got this cute little tin to go in my handbag - I picked it up at duty free when I was last in the airport. Much better than decanting it myself!