Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Flower School

I spent my evening a couple of nights ago at an Easter Flower workshop. I had such a lovely night & I wanted to share it with you. I wasn't sure what to expect when we signed up for flower arranging... was it going to be full of old biddies making floral displays for their front rooms?

I have to say it was the opposite! bringing the cool to flower arranging! The class was around 3 hours long and was held in a big empty warehouse in Edinburgh. With a few well placed decorations the warehouse was transformed into a more glamorous version of itself - ready for our attempts at making beautiful arrangements.

Lovely welcome to Narcissus Flower School!
Some potential wedding inspiration too?!
We were welcomed with a lovely glass of fizz when we arrived. They even a selection berries in the glasses - lovely! We were given a little time to enjoy our drinks before the first demonstration.

Some sparkles to start the evening
We were making a relaxed Easter display in a large vase followed by some Easter baskets and eggs. 

Now how to turn this pile of flowers into a lovely display....

What do you think? The aim was to have a relaxed floaty flower display. I struggled with this unstructured look at first however it's now really grown on me. Particularly as the tulips and blossom have bloomed.

Step two was the eggs & nests. I wasn't brave enough to balance mine on the arrangement!

I really enjoyed my evening and would highly recommend heading along to Narcissus Flower School!