Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Getting organised!

 I finally admitted it, my make up collection has become in controllable. In the past friends would pop round and visit my make up drawer, questioning why anyone needed so many eyeshadows, lipgloss etc! Well it's just normal isn't it?? NO! Apparently most people can leave Boots without another addition to their makeup collection ..... Who knew! I blame my magpie eye for anything glittery, I just can't leave it alone!

Anyway, back to the point. Last time I looked in my drawer I had to admit there was A LOT going on and it was time to get it organised. After lots of looking online and scouring other blogs I still didn't have a solution. Until my weekly visit to Lidl, they are currently selling stackable food containers which are the perfect size for my make up!

I love them, and even went back to get more. I am now the proud owner of an organised make up collection.

I've split out my make up by eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, lip glosses & powders. I've put my everyday make up in the top of one of the boxes to save time each morning. Doesn't it look great!

Whilst i'm at it, I thought you might like to know about my current daily essentials. Here you go!

 Mac Mineral Foundation
 I have used this for around a year now, I'm a huge fan of mineral foundations. My skin is very temperamental however it's never reacted to mineral foundation powder. Horray!!! even when my skin is freaking out I don't mind putting this on (yes I know that's probably a bad thing!). It does require a little more effort than normal foundation, I think it's worth it, it leaves my skin looking fresh and not greasy.

Mac Concealer
Nothing glam about this wee product, however it does the job & I use this every day to cover up any redness that the foundation doesn't cover. I sometimes mix this with a little of the Benefit Highbeam for a little highlighting or for using this near my eyes.

Benefit Highbeam & Benetint
These two products have been a constant part of my make up collection since I was around 17.... oh man that's 10 years! well that's serious commitment to a product! Well as i'm sure you can guess I love these two. I don't use them every day but I use them a lot. I love Benetint on my lips, I think this gives a healthy red lip teamed with some lip-gloss...without looking over done. I particularly like this look when I've got a lot of eye make-up going on. Highbeam is a great multitasker. I'm always mixing it with other products to give a little sheen. I'm really paranoid about looking shiny, so I tend to use this lightly or mixed with another product. It also makes a great eyeshadow. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
This is another long term love for me, great thing these bricks last for such a long time. I tend to use this for nights out to give an extra glow or for a bit of eyeshadow on a daily basis. These are perfect for holidays as they cover the eyeshadow and highlighter in one go, meaning less to pack... and more room for SHOES!

Benefit Dallas Bronzer
I put this on with the Bobbi Brown bronzer brush which gives a very natural sun kissed look. I aim to hit all the areas that the sunshine hits, forehead, nose and cheeks. For a really natural look sometimes, when I'm being lazy. I wear this with some concealer and a slick of Mascara.

Bobbi Brown Blusher
 This is my daily blusher which  I LOVE. It looks like a scary colour in the tub however it does looks great on. When I first saw it it freeked out but the lady at Bobbi Brown insisted it would look great on my pale skin... she was right. I sometimes build it up to give a proper POP of blusher, most of the time though a sweep is enough to keep it looking natural.

What's your go to product?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Avon Super Shock Mascara - My review

I am obsessed with long eyelashes, I think a good mascara makes all the difference. I've even been thinking about trying out some of the long lasting false eyelashes, can't work out if they will annoy me or not. I'm scared I'm going to pick them off and have no lashes left, I mean I almost have to restrain myself not to pick off my shellac never mind something on my eyes!

Anyways in my on going eyelash survey one of my friends came up trumps! She had amazingly long lashes & it turned out she was using the Avon super shock mascara (which she kindley bought me one off). 

 I don't think I have ever used Avon before so was quite interested to see how it turned out. 

The first time I used it it wasn't as good as expected, however after a few days it really came ino it's own. Now I am LOVING It. It gives really long looking lashes with out any clumping - the dream! I hate hate hate when mascaras all clump up, particularly since I love wearing a few layers to make my lashes look super long.  I've worn this for work and layered it up for nights out too and it hasn't yet clumped my lashes together. It's my new 'go to' mascara.