Thursday, 27 June 2013

Elemis face wipes


I've been using Elemis face wipes recently, when I'm feeling lazy! When I saw these Superdrug I couldn't leave them behind. I normally have cheapy wipes to hand for when I need to remove my makeup quickly or if it's been a  very late night!!! The Elemis brand had the same effect that it normally has on me... I must have them. At around £5 per pack they are a lot cheaper than normal Elemis products, even if they are a double my normal wipes.


I do feel guilt when I use face wipes, plus I pay the price for skiving my skin routine a couple of days later. However, I love anything Elemis and hopefully this means they are a little better for my skin and I won't pay the price of lazy days.

So far so good, I've used these a few times before the gym to remove my makeup and they do the job and I like the smell too.

The Elemis skin fresh range appears to be aimed at teens to twenties so I'm not really in their target market for this produc but the range is defenetly attractive, with cleansers for less than 12 quid. I think I'll be having a look at the ingredients in the cleansers, if they are as good as the standard Elemis products (which I doubt) it might be time to try them out too.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Barry M Splurge!

As you can see I had a Barry M splurge. I am quite proud of myself leaving with just four varnishes, I did have at least three other Barry M glitter polishes in my hands. No one, not even me, needs six types of new glitter nail varnish in one day.  Anyways, I bought Amethyst Glitter, Pink Sapphire Glitter & Yellow Tone Glitter.

I rate Barry M varnishes, I used to be an OPI girl although Barry M is definitely up there in terms of good quality varnish & pretty cheap too. I find it lasts really well on my nails.  Glitter nail varnish look great at this time of year, never mind saving them for Christmas time, it catches the light beautifully when the sun is out.... as I'm a little magpie this makes glitter varnishes a must have for me.

I've currently got an aqua green polish topped with the gold glitter on my toes and I LOVE it. I spent my entire body balance class (a little bit like yoga) staring at my amazing glittery toes. Although my decision to wear flip-flops in rainy Scotland was a little optimistic.  I really like the larger chunks of glitter in the gold polish, hopefully it will come off a little easier than normal glitter nail varnish. Has anyone found that?

I will keep you updated on how the other glitters look on, the pink glitter has little confetti style bits in it. I'm intrigued how this will look once its on my nails. The blue glitter, well that was just so shiny that I couldn't leave it in the shop.

I also picked up this little baby on my shopping trip today. I've not used any of the Gelly nail varnishes yet. I'm totally addicted to Shellac on my fingers & I'm hopeful that this will have the same shine if I use it on my toes. I'm looking forward to trying this out, the colour 'grapefruit' is super bright, I think it will pop against my (fake) tan.

Sunday, 23 June 2013



Well this is my very first post, all very exciting!  I'm a product and beauty addict. As well as being a beauty addict I'm now well and truly addicted to blogs, after reading so many great beauty blogs I thought it would be nice to add my tuppence worth to the blogging world & stop pesterng my friends and family with all of my beauty chat.

I'm really looking forward to sharing all of my beauty finds with you. I'm sure I'll also have a little bit of lifestyle blogging & some of my shoe finds (my first love!) .

Here goes....