Monday, 1 June 2015

Burger Fridays

We've been eating out a lot lately, so the other Friday when we really wanted to head out but we were meant to be saving some money we decided to try The Public House at The Village Hotel. They do a deal each Friday for one pound burgers! How wrong could we go for a quid? 

The bar was absolutely heaving with lots of people drinking & quite a few burgers heading out to other tables. The Village is fairly new in Edinburgh and I'm not sure they were expecting it to be so busy, the staff seamed a little overwhelmed when we tried to order. 

Once we managed to order & get a settled in a seat our food arrived fairly quickly which was great - we were both starving!  Well I have to say I was impressed with the food. We paid £1 for each topping and for chips - meaning each burger came to a grand total of £3! You could even order a double burger for £1 extra.  

After hitting the gym first the burgers were exactly what I needed. The presentation was pretty basic but they tasted great & we got a lot for our money. 
The burgers were tasty and seamed pretty good quality considering they were so cheap!  I accompanied my burger with a glass of wine which made for a great Friday night tea.

If you are looking for a cheap Friday night out I recommend trying it.  We will be back! Have you been? Did you agree it was a good deal?


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